Of the students, By the students, For the students.

The Student Council Elections at Hari Shree exhibited the spirit of fair play and democracy. In the preliminary round, candidates who had filed nominations went through an interview process. This was followed by the announcement of candidates eligible to contest in the elections for their chosen posts. While candidates campaigned enthusiastically, they continued to strictly […]

Minds in Motion -CHSV MUN

Diplomacy and mutual respect are the hallmarks of a good relationship between delegates of various countries. The CHSV MUN’s 10th conference that spanned for two days, created an ambience to foster these qualities. With nearly 310 individual delegates and 35 school delegations, students from grades VIII to XII had the opportunity to voice their opinions […]

Body, Mind and Spirit – International Yoga Day

Students across grades celebrated International Yoga Day by participating in special yoga sessions. Ms. Jyotsna Buch, a trained yoga practioner from the Krishnamachari Yoga Mandiram and a trained Bharatanatyam dancer facilitated a few of these sessions along with our own acharyas. The sessions focused on the benefits of breathing and postures during the group practice. […]

Cheers to a Fresh Start

This year too, Hari Shree organized orientation sessions for parents and students of all grade levels. These sessions aimed at providing parents an insight into the curriculum, the hands-on learning activities planned for the year, the assessment patterns and other pertinent information. The sessions also gave an overview of holistic areas which would not only […]

Parent Program

The Parent Program is a month-long session that is facilitated for the parents who are new to Hari Shree Vidyalayam. This year too, every day the parents took part in different interactive sessions conducted by various facilitators. This program allowed parents to be involved in engaging activities while being available on the campus as their […]

Start at the Root – Pooja & Orientation

The new academic year was ushered in on an auspicious note with a pooja conducted in the school premises. This academic year also marks the beginning of the new Cambridge curriculum in the Junior Campus. The energy and enthusiasm were palpable on this occasion. The pooja was followed by the orientation session to help apprise […]

Varnajala – Annual Art Exhibition

Varnajala, our annual art exhibition showcased around 1500 works of art, craft and sculpture of students, parents, teachers, admin team, akkas and ann as. The event compiled myriad expressions of Art such as pencil shading, embroidery, pottery, sculpture, murals, canvas paintings, water colour works, candle making, weaving, recycled crafts and more. Students across grade levels […]

Sayonara Seniors

Students of grade XI organised a farewell for their seniors in an innovative manner. The farewell was conducted in two phases. The cultural part of the farewell happened before the board exams where students of grade XII were involved in a fun activity of Nose Painting. They also witnessed a classical and a western dance […]

Fond Memories of Middle-School

The students of grade VIII also visited Yelagiri as part of their outbound experience. The bus ride to the hills was enjoyable with music and games. The evening of day 1 was spent playing team building activities and at the adventure zone. The next morning students went on a short hike and this experience was […]

Adventure and Fun – Yelagiri

Students of grade VII had an overnight stay trip to Yelagiri. During the course of which they learnt new skills, played interesting team building games and bonded with their friends. The trip included a campfire, trekking in the hills and a visit to a nearby nature park.