Our Alumni

Rakshitha Arun

B.E CS, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore – (2016 – 17)

It’s been more than 4 years since I graduated from CHSV but its impact lives on, in the way it has moulded me – in the way I work, interact and present myself. The acharyas made a difference to the way we learned by being approachable, creative with assignments and encouraging curiosity. The focus on academics and personal attention given to each of us during teaching prepared us for competitive examinations and further studies.

However, it is the space we were given, the opportunities we were presented with and the guidance we received that truly let us grow as individuals. The inter-school competitions, school clubs, extra-curricular activities and numerous such events helped me identify my talents in my own time. This has come a long way in helping me further hone these skills and deliver value during my time as a student in college and now at work. Having experienced CHSV and watching my sibling go through his own journey here now, reinforces the fact that the school truly creates a conducive environment to grow as an individual.

Tejas Gopalan

Bachelor of Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Co-founder of Dèsavous, a strategic design and innovation firm (2017-18)

Harishree has equipped each and one of us to carry forward the spirit of seeking to learn and to critically think and that is something which is a result of its foundational holistic development principles. Being a part of this school for more than 12 years, it is not just the emotion that kept me here but the environment to learn and interact that held me back to this school.

Being in the design and creative field, it is important I have a grasp on a variety of subjects and have sufficient knowledge on current affairs. Harishree encouraged me to choose the combination of Maths, Physics, Arts and Economics and gave me the opportunity to experiment and help me understand how to build a career out of it.

Hari Shree is a pioneer of holistic development and provides the time and support to help anyone develop themselves as a whole and for that, I’m grateful to the management and the teachers for providing my friends and I the ideal environment to grow up in./p>

Ananya Aravind

BS-MS, IISER Thiruvananthapuram (2018-19)

The 2 years spent in CHSV was the best time I had in my life, and every moment spent here is still precious. When I joined Harishree in 11th std, from saying “Namaste Acharya” to having “Pot luck” there were many unique, unforgettable experiences for me. Now that I have passed out, I really miss the PT period and running laps that we had to make. I also miss the grassy foot-ball ground on the terrace. CHSV allowed us to experience new things and discover our interests. Be it our lab projects or Vizha, or MUN. I remember once we skipped lunch and observed a snail’s heart from the hydrilla plant under the microscope. I never thought I’d learn Bharatnatyam in my life, but Harishree gave me this chance. To conclude, I humbly thank all the Acharyas, Sirs and lab akkas for guiding me to a better future.

Ashwin Kidambi

Mechanical Engineering (Purdue University) – 2019- 20

The 13 years I spent at Harishree will forever be with me no matter where I go. The valuable lessons that were taught still hold true even in college and the real world preparation is something I didn’t even realize I got until I stepped out into the real world. The great academic strides I have taken cannot only be with my hard work, but also to the environment they created and the way they put information across. The faculty was always approachable and guided me wherever necessary.

Sumyuktha Vijay Anand

Phd. in Neuro-Oncology, Dartmouth College, USA (2011-12)

I am currently a PhD candidate at Dartmouth College studying Neuro-Oncology. I graduated from Hari Shri Vidyalayam in 2012 from the tenth grade. I spent my formative years in Hari Shree Vidyalayam, and this is where I first developed my interest in Biology. I had very supportive and inspiring teachers who motivated me to pursue my passions in all aspects in management and other extracurriculars which made me a well-rounded student and helped me academia and outside. I was actively involved in student government and extra curriculars while at this school which has continued into my college education. I was in student government in both my undergraduate and now in my graduate degree. I was also actively involved in event standout while applying for the PhD program. Most of my interests today

were cultivated back while I was in school and I am so grateful to all of those experiences. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone which has helped me be a more successful student and now a researcher.

Nachammai N

Post Graduate Program in Management, IIM Indore – (2016-17)

I started at Harishree in the year of its inception, when I was 4 years old & did my entire schooling there. Harishree gave me a myriad of experiences across the board – field trips, Vizha, Model UN conferences, Dhanur Vaibhav, Outbound trips, Pen Pal programs and much more. Academically, the school gave me a strong foundation which served as a base for competitive examinations. Individual attention from teachers & small batch size are distinguishing features of the school. The inclusion of classes like yoga and the wide array of after-school activities, ensures holistic learning. Today, I am an MBA student at the Indian Institute of Management Indore. My time at the school has equipped me to excel in such a competitive environment & contributed to my success. I will always cherish the relationships and the vivid memories of 13 happy and fruitful years there. Thank you, Hari Shree!

Arvind Pennathur

LLM, Boston University School of Law – (2015-16)

I first joined HSV when I was in the 5th standard. Having moved to Chennai from the United States, I didn’t know what to expect – I’d been told it wouldn’t be any different, but I was still apprehensive. However, within one week, it was as if I had always been there. HSV has this uniqueness to it that makes it stand out from almost every other school – every student is challenged to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be, and there’s tons of help every single step of the way, should they need it. The atmosphere is welcoming, and you really do feel like you’re part of one large community. Perhaps the best part about the school is how balanced its curriculum is, with an equal emphasis on physical activity, cultural and artistic growth, academics, and much more to ensure holistic development.

Alumni Pursuing Entrepreneurship

Bala Suresh – Founder, Advertout Ventures – (2015-16), BCom Vivekananda College, Chennai

To me, CHSV would always remain the place that helped me identify my strengths. The teachers have always encouraged us to have discussions and question things. The friendly environment and the opportunities that came along with it enabled me to explore many interests that went onto shape my creative abilities. My flair for theater and acting were discovered and honed in Hari Shree. These abilities help me today in my pursuits as an Advertiser and performing artist. I completed a Bachelor’s degree in commerce and joined Ernst & Young as the first step in my career.

Barkavi Mageshkumaar

Hotelier / Second Generation Entrepreneur – (2013-14) – B.Com Professional , Christ University, Bangalore ; CIMA Adv Dip MA (UK)

So much of who I am today, I owe it to Harishree. Harishree was my second home and my teachers and classmates – family. Just like how our families would encourage us to develop our talents, Harishree equipped us with opportunities to explore and hone our skill sets. Little did I know when I got into the first student council in fifth grade or later when I organized or competed in events – that I was learning crucial management lessons that will guide me for years to come. We were given wings to fly with the knowledge that if we fall – the school will be ready to catch us! The fact that Harishree is a melting pot of culture helped me connect and appreciate my roots. An experience that I am grateful for in our increasingly globalized world where cultural ties are fast disappearing. Thank you Harishree, for going above and beyond to ensure we had a holistic experience that not only focused on academia but also the finer aspects of human and cultural values.

Shreya Khuntia

Audit Assistant, Deloitte USA – (2017-18) – B.Com Honours, Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune.

Four years at CHSV was not only a transcendent experience, but also a stage which gave me the courage to follow my dreams! The all-round development with quality education and the extra-curricular activities, which are quintessential to it, were synonymous throughout. Being part of the student council, several activities and events held in the school, was a doorway to learn myriad skills which are required in the current world scenario.

The amalgamation of the importance given to core values & heritage with the need to have a globalised perspective kept me grounded with humility but also taught me to never stop dreaming big. However, the most significant aspect of this magnificent institution is the unceasing encouragement and motivation by the teachers and peers through every challenge. Our Acharyas had become our parents at school and our friends had turned into our siblings; school being a second home was proven at its best! I am forever indebted to CHSV to provide me a platform for professional, intellectual and personal growth.

Akshay Sivakumar

Outreach & Technical Sales Lead, Hello AR, 2014-15 – B.E EEC, NIT Trichy

One of my favourite hobbies in school was debating. Hari Shree gave me the perfect platform to represent the school at the highest level in debating competitions. I should say, this was the building block for my journey into the field career of sales. Another opportunity as a student leader in high school was a trip to Qatar to participate in an International Sports Meet. I also took keen interest in sports such as athletics, football and basketball, and represented the school at tournaments. All these skills were shaped and honed by requisite training the school invested in me. The acharyas at Hari Shree never once failed to guide me down the right path during my tenure as the Head Boy which motivated me on a confident, independent, leadership journey. I graduated from NIT Trichy and am currently pursuing my aspiration in sales.

Preyaansh Patel

Security Solutions Architect, Akamai Technologies – (2011-12) – B.E ISC – B.M.S College of Engineering, Bangalore

A school is often considered to be a second home, and for me (and most of my classmates), CHSV was just that. Why? I have never been able to put a finger on it. Was it the vibrant campus? Was it the teachers? My classmates? I think it was a bit of everything. Whatever it was, I loved coming to school so much that I missed just one day of school from 8th grade to 10th grade (and I wasn’t the only one).

At Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam, the old slogan, “Educating the Whole Person ”, was never taken lightly. CHSV taught me valuable lessons of hard work, respect, leadership, friendship, confidence, and camaraderie through experiences and opportunities such as camping excursions, debate competitions, sports camps/trips, student council and cultural fests. I have attended a lot of schools and I can confidently say that no school taught me more than CHSV.