UTSAV – Primary

November saw the halls of Hari Shree Vidyalayam reverberate once again with the palpable excitement of their annual cultural bonanza – UTSAV. Interactive sessions were conducted by eminent personalities who shared their knowledge on various aspects of Indian culture. Thought provoking seminars and workshops were conducted through age appropriate mediums which presented the children with opportunities to get a better understanding of a culture that surrounds them every day. The class-wise themes for this year’s Utsav ranged from Festivals, Traditional Games to Indian folktales and Classical Music & Dance.

Children from Grades II to V were encouraged to transform their classrooms into culturally rich museums with exhibitions, informative write-ups and display of musical instruments. Reflections were an integral part of the experience where the children were encouraged to record their observations and understanding of each of the sessions that they participated in. The conclusion of Utsav left the children and teachers of Hari Shree Vidyalayam with a confidence that next year will come soon enough to take a deeper plunge into India’s rich cultural heritage.