UTSAV – Primary

Primary students celebrated our culture by experiencing and exploring different forms of art like music, dance and enjoyed storytelling sessions which emphasized the importance of respect, kindness, sharing, caring and discipline. The first day of Utsav for the Primary included sessions with Ms. Srividya, Ms. Laasya Narasimhachari and Dr. Nandinee. Through the mythological stories narrated by Ms. Srividya, students gained a better understanding of values like kindness, truthfulness, righteousness and respect for all. Ms. Laasya’s interactive dance session enabled students to appreciate the age-old Indian classical dance-forms. They also enjoyed learning about differences in hand movements, facial expressions for conveying messages. Using Naturopathy, Dr. Nandinee helped the children acknowledge our traditional medicine also called ‘paati vaithiyam’.


The following day had the students engrossed and engaged in more immersive music and theater sessions. During the captivating music session with Ms. Aarthi Govindarajan, the children got a glimpse of essential components of Carnatic music and how Carnatic swaras can be related to western notes. Theatre sessions on this day revolved around group work and activities to promote trust and reliance amongst peers.


On the final day of Utsav was a Villu Paatu by Smt Bharathi Thirumagan and her troupe, where inspiring songs were sung to instill in students the virtues of being humble, kind, and caring for each other. Everyday, students reflected on the various activities through sharing ideas, expressing gratitude, illustrations and decorating their Utsav boards.


Like a child who sits on the lap of the parent and listens to stories to imbibe values, Utsav provides an opportunity for the students to assimilate the rich and varied culture of our country and feel united in their diversity, thus aligning themselves to our ethos of ‘Vasudhaivakutumbakam’.