UTSAV – Pre-Primary

Students of grade I celebrated UTSAV by imbibing the values represented by our motto “Vasudhaivakutumbakam”. The motto urges one to perceive the entire world as one family, including plants and animals. Children visited the goshala at Kapaleeshwarar temple and fed bananas to the cows there, to apply and appreciate this value with respect to animals around us. They also got an insight into the history and religious practices of the temple. As part of UTSAV celebrations, children had sessions with Smt. SriVidya Jaishankar and Smt Aarti Govindarajan. Smt Srividya shared a story from Panchatantra tales on the value of true friendship. Later students reflected on the story by modelling their favourite characters from the story using clay. Smt. Aarthi engaged the students in a music session that helped children participate and gain an understanding about the basics of traditional music.