UTSAV High School

Utsav, an occasion of enjoyment and celebration, instils cultural awareness by bringing the students closer to their roots. This year, UTSAV for the high school students also took place in the hybrid model. On the first day, Grade 9 was addressed by Mr. Saravanan, who taught the students about handlooms and how they symbolize the proficiency of weavers. Later, Dr Raghu conducted a session about Dharma, with grades 9 and 11, and explained that Dharma is that part of an individual’s actions which are carried out after considering whether the action is good for themselves, the society and the world. The comprehensive session focused on the challenges faced by people in the modern world while practising Dharma in various contexts.


Preaching a fundamental concept of Hinduism on the second day of UTSAV, Dr. Surendranath narrated stories of the of The Mughals, the East India Company, and stories from Panchatantra, to shed light on the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’. The key takeaway from the lecture was to encourage unity amongst us and being mindful of the consequences of our actions. Mr. Siddarth had an interaction with the students of grade 9, through which they learnt that the “Oneness of the whole Ecosystem” arises from the “Oneness of one’s self”. On the third day of the Utsav, JaishankarJi simplified the pivotal concepts which uphold Sanatana Dharma and elaborated on the Vedic visions of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ and the attributes of Bhagavan. This Utsav, the students have been educated on the value of unity and brotherhood through interesting and illuminating discussions. We look forward to next year’s UTSAV!

– Abhinav Sivakumar, Grade XI & T G Sanjana, Grade IX