Of the students, By the students, For the students.

The Student Council Elections at Hari Shree exhibited the spirit of fair play and democracy. In the preliminary round, candidates who had filed nominations went through an interview process. This was followed by the announcement of candidates eligible to contest in the elections for their chosen posts. While candidates campaigned enthusiastically, they continued to strictly adhere to the model code of conduct. Soon came the Election Day. Students from grades VI to XII exercised their rights, casting their votes to elect their student leaders.

Minds in Motion -CHSV MUN

Diplomacy and mutual respect are the hallmarks of a good relationship between delegates of various countries. The CHSV MUN’s 10th conference that spanned for two days, created an ambience to foster these qualities. With nearly 310 individual delegates and 35 school delegations, students from grades VIII to XII had the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns about the designated countries. Committee sessions were fast paced and alliances were actively forged to come to reasonable resolutions. “It gave me a chance to showcase my public speaking skills and learn more about world affairs. It also was a great, new platform for me to meet new people.” Said Abhinav from grade XI.

Tamil Nadu State Shooting Championship

Smrithi Prabhu of grade X has been training as a 10M Pistol shooter for the past three years. She competed in the sub youth, youth and the juniors category and won a gold medal in the women’s individual category, a silver medal in the junior women’s individual and a silver medal in the sub-youth women’s individual category. These achievements have qualified her to represent the TN state in the South India category this year.

The World Scholar’s Cup – Global Rounds

Ritika Narayanan from grade XI won 12 gold medals in the global round of The World Scholar’s Cup at Seoul, South Korea. She competed with around 1813 students from 30 countries and came 59th overall. She participated in debates and quizzes on six different topics and also essay writing. She has qualified for the Tournament of Champions to be held at Yale later this year.

ASISC Cricket

The under-14 and under-17 boys cricket team of Hari Shree participated in CISCE regional cricket tournament. While the U-17 boys team made it till the quarter finals, the U-14 boys team made it to the semi-finals. A few students from the U-14 boys team will be representing the south zone at the Nationals.

CISCE Tennis

A few students of Hari Shree participated in the CISCE Tennis boys singles. Dhruv and Neha from grade VII and Kathir from grade VIII participated in the U-14 category and Arjun Pandian from grade IX went up to the semi finals in The U-17 category. This maiden experience in a tennis tournament gave Good exposure and learning experience for all the participants.

Frank Anthony Debate

Four students of Hari Shree participated in the Frank Anthony Memorial Debate in the Junior and the Senior Category hosted by NPS International, Chennai and Vikasa School, Tuticorin. While the Junior team emerged as the winners of the event, the senior team were declared the runners up. Both the teams have qualified for the next round that is to happen shortly

World Scholars’ Cup

Yeshikaa Chhallani of grade IX participated in the World Scholars’ Cup, Doha 2023. She won 3 silver medals in the categories of Collaborative Writing, Debate and Scholars Bowl Quiz. She also bagged a gold medal for being the youngest scholar in the senior division and was ranked 26th position at Worlds Scholars’ Cup, Doha where around 65 countries and 4750 students participated.

Young Ted Speaker

Zakya Palicha’s training for 4 months in public speaking culminated in a TED-Ed talk. She spoke about her journey, her learnings as a pet mom, and her views on pet breeding and training.

Gujarat STEM Quiz

Vedesh Narayanan from grade X was selected as one of the State Level Winners of the Gujarat STEM Quiz. He was teamed with another student from Uttar Pradesh. He cleared the mega prelims along with his teammate and went all the way to the semi-finals. He was awarded a Samsung Tablet and a Robotics kit.