Knowing more About the Pallava Dynasty – Mahabalipuram

Utsav is all about learning our country’s culture and heritage. For grade VII, there was an exciting and informative field trip to Mahabalipuram wherein the students visited a lot of interesting sites. The journey started off by going to Salavan-Kuppan-Subramanya temple which is the oldest temple in Tamil Nadu for lord Subramanya. They visually described the history of the temple. The temples built by Mahendra Pallava within rocks carved out had interesting and informative inscriptions. The next stop was at the Tiger cave which was very spectacular to look at with its unique style of architecture. The next monument had carvings to show a big wall depicting Arjuna’s penance. The last stop for the day was at Krishna’s butter ball which was fascinating because of the incredible position of the huge rock to perfectly balance on the steep slope. At the end of the day it was a very memorable experience which everyone would remember for a lifetime.

– Advika Baddepudi, Grade VII