Hampi in 3 Days – Grade X Outbound

The students of grade X boarded a train to begin their enjoyable trip to Hampi. They visited the massive Shiva Linga and Narasimha Statues, the renowned Virupaksha and Krishna temples, and the Chitradurga Fort, where they soaked in the stunning aerial view. They also visited the Museum of Musical Pillars at the Vijaya Vittala Temple. The next day, they went to the Lotus Mahal and the Queen’s Bath, both of which featured incredible architecture that left the students in awe. At the end of the trip, students gained a deep understanding of the culture, architecture, and the mythological references that the city was steeped in. Although today this ancient metropolis lies in ruins, it is easy to imagine the grandeur it exhibited at its peak.

– T G Sanjana, Grade X