Conclave of Curious Minds – Middle School

Science Day was celebrated with great fun! From grade 6 to 8, the students put an enormous amount of thought into their contributions. Apart from getting the opportunity to display their own projects, they were curious to watch their fellow middle schoolers showcase their creative experiments. It was indeed interesting and informative. Even the students who worked on similar projects managed to give their work a unique twist, like the Elephant Toothpaste experiment and the Dancing Rice experiment. The projects were wild and wonderful, ranging from Create-yours, Mini Cities to even a few models of Mars Buggy! To add even more flair to the presentations, students narrated the workings of their experiment and even told quite a few jokes in between. This experience was a true testament to the fact that ‘learning is fun’, and has the students waiting eagerly for next year’s Science Day!

– Zakya K. Palicha, Grade VII