Annual Day – Middle School

Vanamahotsav – Embracing the World Around Us

The theme of the annual day of grade VI was – Bhuta Yagna‖, meaning embracing the world around us. The students showcased a gamut of performances ranging from a play depicting the building of Ram Sethu bridge, songs exhibiting significance of animals, a powerful and charming classical snake dance, an energetic western dance and a humorous street play. All the items encapsulated the importance of animals. The comperes tied up the entire event with their engaging conversations dressed as Tigers.

– Akshara Prasad Kaushik, Grade VI


Upasana – Reverence to the Almighty

This year’s annual day for grade VII was centered around a unique spiritual theme – the ‘Panch Maha Yagnas’. The theme allotted for grade VII students was ―’Deva Yagna’, which means ―’Reverence to the Gods’. While the simple interpretation of Deva Yagna is the daily thanksgiving to the devas for the gracious favors they confer upon us, the deeper meaning is that we should live in harmony with nature and in accord with all that exists around the world.


This theme was elegantly embedded into each event of the day, starting with an invocation to Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. The first performance was of the students of classical dance troupe who presented us with a graceful dance to a song composed by Ravana out of extreme devotion to Lord Shiva. The street play emphasized the truth that devotion in any form is acceptable to the Almighty, as long as our minds are dedicated to Him. The historical drama on Mirabai was a fitting tribute to her unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna even in the face of severe adversities and the students beautifully enacted her life struggles. Last, but not the least, the fusion dance was an electrifying performance to a song dedicated to Lord Shiva.


The entire program was interspersed with the fun and informative banter between the comperes, dressed as the gods and goddesses of two of the oldest polytheistic religions – Hinduism and Greek, often giving an insight into the practices of both religions along the way.

– Laavanya Deepak, Grade VII


Krutagyata – Acknowledging our Ancient Wisdom

Pitru Yagna was the topic for grade VIII annual day. It is a ritual that is performed to show respect and gratitude toward one’s ancestors. During the annual day, students had performed two plays which represented the respect we should have towards our ancestors. The dance students had shown their love for ―mother‖ and our past in a skill full display of movement. The music and art students depicted the yagnas in their purest form through their own interpretations. In today’s fast-paced world, where people are more focused on their present and future, Pitru Yagna serves as a reminder to respect and remember one’s roots. It helps one connect with their past and understand the values and traditions passed down.

– Nadhira Srikumaran, Grade VIII