A Visit to Heritage Museum – Dakshinachitra

Students of grade VI visited Dakshinachitra as a part of the Utsav experience. At the campus, they voyaged through Andhra Pradesh, visiting an amiable weaver and learnt about the deep-rooted, traditional method of weaving sarees. Next, they saw the model of Karnataka house, where they caught sight of houses made entirely of stone. After that, they trotted through Kerala, where houses were embellished with murals and boats galore. Finally, stepping into Tamil Nadu, they went to the Ambur House, with its antiquated statues and manuscripts. They traversed through the Chettinad House that had a vast indoor courtyard and intricate architecture. All this within an hour! Soon after, they went bullock cart riding, enjoyed watching folk dances and amusing shadow-puppet shows and made manuscripts on palm leaves. The best of them all? The food served on banana leaves; they had a wide variety of foods like an Onam Sadhya. After a day crammed with fun, the children returned to their respective buses- and still not fatigued.

-Yashini, Grade VI