A Day in a Farmer’s Life – Farm Visit

Students of grade VIII visited Siruthavur village as a tribute to Utsav and to appreciate the significance of our culture. They got the opportunity to watch and learn the art of Pulli Kolams which was demonstrated by the villagers there. They also understood the value of organic farming when they visited the field where the farmers grew their crops. It was very amusing and enjoyable as some students volunteered to plant the crop. Not only did this teach them the effort that goes into producing food and crops but also taught them the difficulties a farmer had to face on a daily basis. They also visited a rice mill to see how rice is boiled and dried in villages. The students took a short stop at Dakshinachitra and got to witness Thappattam where people danced using the traditional Tamil drum called Parai. They watched the performance and joined in as well to dance along to the tunes of the Parai. Overall, this visit educated the students about our varied cultural and traditional practices.

– Diya Vasanadu, Grade VIII